A Couple's intimate escapade

With the busy grind of life, demands of work & family, stress leaves its stamp on relationship of the couple. The time, care, intimacy that is ought to be shared together goes into the absolute backburner behind the demands of life. Time, space, privacy & opportunity constraints limit the chance of taking a romantic break from the daily hectic schedules to re-kindle that lost spark. What you really need is tthe chance to forget all your to-do lists, to lock out all your deadlines & worries, to leave everyone & everything behind, to destress together, to simply focus on each other in a serene & romantic ambiance. There is no better cupid's solution than an intimate spa escapade.

We at Elements, provide you with the best of class initimate spa pampering escapade that too right here in the middle of the city, sure to rekindle that special connection between the two of you. Experience side by side synchronized massages & scrubs. The royal couple spa packages include an unforgetable romantic special couple suite. Sure to get the temperatures soaring high.

An Absolute Must-Gift for your birthdays & anniversaries.

Spa for Two 'side by side stress releaser' Aromatherapy Massages

Aromatherapy Body Massages contribute towards not only physical pain ailment & physical stress reduction, but also towards reducing emotional stress and addressing deep-seated trauma. Soak into the serene goodness of spa pampering along with your partner. Feel & significantly add to each others relaxation process by the warmth & surety of being together 'next to each other' during the emotional rollercoaster. Both of you end the therapy shedding a lot of physical & emotional stress And will instantly want to hug each other to preserve as well as pass the true lightness 'relaxation' that you have just earned & experienced.

Heavenly Couple spa 

This Season of Love, we bring a delightful romantic experience that will soak up your stress, sooth your senses and fire up your passion. We begin with side by side aromatherapy massages in our warm couple suite which utilizes a tender floral blend of essential oils that negate the everyday stresses of life to make you focus just on your partner. The Escapade moves to an ultra Romantic Couple with roses-milk, flanked with aromatic candles, nestled in an etheral setup that will surely set both of you in the most intimate fire.

Heavenly Couple spa

for the Couple : Aromatherapy Massages + a Royal floral Jacuzzi Spa Bath

Our Signature : Royal Couple Spa Packages with Romantic Jacuzzi baths -


Royal Couple Spa 'Lotus Package'    

Lotus Couple Spa

for the Gentleman : Aromatherapy Massage + Thai Facial

for the Lady : Aromatherapy Massage + Thai Facial

for the Couple : a Royal floral Jacuzzi Spa Bath


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Royal Couple Spa 'Orchid Package'  

Orchid Couple Spa -

for the Gentleman : Aromatherapy Massaage + Body Scrub + Rose Facial

for the Lady : Aromatherapy Massaage + Body Scrub + Rose Facial

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