Summer Skin Care

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It’s May and the Sun is above on all of us, it’s too hot to handle! Yes, As the summer is on its peak this is the time to start the skin irritations and other skin related issues, this is because as the skin is unable to handle the heat itself an asking some help.

So let’s have a look at the skin issues that may occur in the summer.

Prickly heat
Heat Boils
Skin Rashes
Acne Breakout
Oily and sticky skin
Back Acne
Dry and Irritated Skin
Sun Burn
Fungal and Bacterial infections
So What are the remedies? Well, one need to extra care the skin during the summer and save our skin from the heat attack. The following are some tips for it.

Drink plenty of water
Carry and apply SPF and moisturiser always
Try to avoid direct sun exposure
Wear fresh and as much as possible cotton cloths
Avoid using razors for hair removal and opt for waxing
Get your facial skin analysed periodically and use home care products accordingly
Remember to exfoliate your skin timely

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