Customer Loyalty program

The Objective of the Customer Loyalty Program is to express our gratitude to you and thank you for visiting our outlets. Loyalty points are a gesture of goodwill. We want you to feel delighted and keep coming back to us.

How will it work

You would become a member after using our services. You would be advised at the time of billing, and would also receive an SMS. You would also earn points based on the amount spent before tax and would be able to see the accumulated points on the Elements The Family Spa. You would receive communication regarding the points and exclusive offers via email and SMS.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can redeem your points against the services after you have earned a minimum of 1000 points.
  • You cannot redeem more than 10,000 points at a given time, which is the maximum limit.
  • You need to visit with a prior appointment and mention that you are a Loyalty Customer while booking.
  • All the disputes related to points would be resolved by the Loyalty Manager of Elements The Family Spa.


  • You would receive and SMS after the purchase of services, and an email would be sent to them every 15 days/ or one month.
  • You would also receive emails about special offers and package being rolled out for them, in advance.
  • You will also receive updates on such messages. There will be a dedicated email ID- which is managed by the Guest Relations and Loyalty Manager.

Your Journey:

  • You would have to make prior appointments to use services and redeem their points. You would have the option to pay part cash and rest on points. Membership customers would also earn on a point basis, on the amount spent at the outlets.
  • Any customer who has earned about 1000 points would be advised that he/she has earned 1000 points;
  • You would be engaged, on a regular basis, through emails and teasers, about new products and services, and developments in the company, such as the opening of new outlets and new offers.


  • The Loyalty Program is our Customer Service Program where we offer points as a gesture of goodwill to you. We offer 8 points for each 100 Rupees spent on our products and services. This is to just say thank you for being an Elements Customer.
  • Once you use a service at any outlet of Elements Spa, You will automatically become a member. For your convenience, the membership number would be your registered mobile number.
  • You will know about it by receiving a message after having used the services. This message would mention the bill amount and points earned for the same.
  • The points can be verified for correct calculation by multiplying the amount spent (Please note that this amount is excluding the tax. The tax is paid to the government and hence is not considered for the earning of points).
  • If you are not happy with the Loyalty Program, the DM/SM would resolve the issues then and there. If they are unable to resolve the issue, they can advise you, that they will raise this issue with Loyalty Manager and get back to you. If you want you can write to